School Supply List


School Supply List

Gym shoes to be left at school for Physical Education class.

(Remember you can’t participate without gym shoes)

Also Helpful:

  • Large back pack (one that will hold snow clothes in winter too)
  • 2 composition books (usually a black speckled cover bound, not spiral)
  • 2 spiral notebooks
  • 5 plastic folders: one of each color (red, yellow, blue, green, and a choice color)
  • 1- 1 inch binder with pockets (a view binder would be optimal)
  • Pencil pouch – pencil boxes are too large for our desks
  • 2 glue sticks (large size)
  • Scissors (if you have them)
  • Pens for editing and correcting your work: (one blue and one red)
  • Highlighter
  • 4 dry erase markers (the skinny type work best and be sure to label them with your name)
  • Post-It notes

Each Student Should Bring One Each for the Classroom to Share

  • 1 box of band-aids – girls
  • 1 box of tissues – boys and girls
  • 1 container of disinfectant wipes – boys

Please label all items with your child’s name. We find many items on the floor.

Don’t worry if you are not able to get the items on the list.

I have a few of these items at school that I will share with you.

I have markers, colored pencils and crayons to share with everyone. If you would like to donate some of these items to enrich our supply that would be wonderful.

See you at the OPEN HOUSE on August 21 from 6:30-7:30 pm!

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