Science Assignment for Spring Break

Our upcoming unit in science will involve taking a closer look at sand & soil. Spring break is the perfect time to locate sand and soil especially if you are going on vacation. We would LOVE samples for all over the U.S. Your child brought home a note today that further explains this, along with a small bag for sample of sand or soil. If you are going away, just make sure to pack it in your suitcase. If you are remaining in the area, there are great samples to be found here. Thanks for helping your child add to our science study of sand and soil.


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Science Light Test

Our current science unit focuses on light. This unit will last just over a week. This week your child was given flashcards to take home to study that include specific vocabulary words that we used already during the unit. They will see these words on the assessment. Our test will be on Wednesday, March 29th.

If your child wants to complete matching activities or quizzes on these words, Please visit this link: Light Notecards.

Click on the pictures below for an extra review:


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Science Test on Friday

Flash cards were sent home last week. Please help your child study for the test on Friday.


Inline image 1Inline image 2

The children completed a variety of science experiments for our sound unit. This was a loud unit for the classrooms that were close to ours.  We were able to make horns and see how pitch changes with the length of the straw. We have been reviewing  the specific vocabulary terms for this unit. Your child should have brought home flashcards to practice last week. Our test will be on Friday, March 17.  An online quiz, matching game or printable flashcards can be viewed by clicking on the picture below:

If your child would like to visit websites that provide a review, as well as, allow them to experiment with sounds, instruments, pitch and vibration, click on the pictures below:

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MSTEP Schedule

Please be aware of the MSTEP schedule when planning appointments for your child. All students are required to take all parts of the test. If they are absent during a testing period, they will have to take that portion of the test during the make-up time period. Unfortunately, that means they would be missing classroom lessons.

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Valentines Day Party

Our party will be on Tuesday, February 14th, from 2:30-3:20. Please have your child make a Valentine’s box at home (either from a cereal box, tissue box,  small cardboard box or bag). Be as creative as you would like .If you google images for Valentines boxes, there are amazing ideas there.  These will need to be at school by Monday, February 13th. I have included the class list below so that your child can start addressing their Valentines:

Tylan Rachel Jackson Samuel
Emry Isaiah Sydney Lauren
Zaidan Amelia Jaron Cooper
Nick Rayna Noelle Christian
Grace Jack Maggie Kayla
 Coleton  Peyton  Preston

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Holiday Program Request

For the first time ever, we are going to have audience participation for our final song this year!  The students are very excited to share this experience with you, however, in order to be ready to join in on the fun, we are asking families to download this free jingle bell playing app PRIOR to the holiday program on their phones if you will be attending the 3rd-5th grade performance.  THANKS!!

iJingle Bells (John Slater) is available on iPhone

Christmas Jingle Bells (Bytza Entertainmet) is available for Android

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