Classroom Happenings 5/20/19

It is hard to believe that we are entering the last three weeks of school. We have learned so much this year and are all ready to move on to the fourth grade. As we wrap up the third grade please know how much having your child as part of my classroom has meant. Watch for emails and postings on activities that will take place to close out the year.

Math:  We are working our way through  Unit 5 and will wind math with some review of all we have learned.

Writing: Our last writing/social studies unit has the kids learning about public issues and learning to take a stand on a public issue. They will be bringing home some survey questions for you to complete to get opinions the public issue they will be writing about.

Biography Museum: Hopefully your child is already preparing for the biography museum. We will be presenting for you on Tuesday, June 4 Tuesday, June 4 from 1:30 – 2:15.

Spelling: Your child should have brought home his/her spelling words on Friday. This weeks words(Week 26) focus on prefixes re, dis, un, im, and in.

The list is posted below:

We have been learning about vertebrates and invertebrates. Last week we learned the 4B’s (breath, babies, body covering, and blood) of amphibians and mammals. This week we will learn about reptiles and birds.

Reading: I have been working hard to get reading levels tested and will continue to do so. I am happy to report that the kids have all worked hard to improve their reading and have shown tremendous growth.  They are enjoying reading in mini book clubs or to reading books of their own interest independently.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. It is best to contact me via email. I check that frequently, so will be able to respond in a more timely manner.

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